Some of my Oops stuff
(or works in progress)

This is unpolished stuff that I've thrown out "here" just to see if they work. Please excuse the mess and forgive the things that just don't. Other things that are on this page landed here for lack of a better place to put them.

(Some of you sick puppers may like seeing the Oops stuff)

Oops Stuff

Send us a message
Send us files
Search link page
e-Track a package

Fun Stuff

Emoticons (graphics)
The Unofficial Smilie Dictionary

Windoze Stuff

Windows XP SP 3 commands
Windows XP SP 2 commands
Windows XP SP 1 commands

Technical Stuff

Basic FTP Commands
HTML Codes for Special Characters
Webcam32 Time Codes
ASCII Standard & IBM Extended Characters
ASCII Character Tables (again)
ISO Latin 1 Characters & HTML Codes
ISO 8859-1 Codes (again)
Javascript Code samples for scripting
Javascript being toyed with
On-Line Measurement Converter

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Last updated 19 May 2008