Ear Tattooing

I happened to be at Emerald Kennels when a litter of pups was scheduled to be tattooed.

Here we have Frankie and Huns with a gorgeous pupper. What a sweetie pie.

Oh, oh. Time to get ready. Poor pupper.

The inside of the ear is swabbed generously with the blue tattooing ink.

Hmm, will it wash off?

The ear numbers have been set in the forceps for this ear. The side that will be on the inside of the ear is basically just rows of short tattooing needles that will puncture the skin with the tattoo number. This all happens in just a split second.


... and Next...

At the time the forceps is set to imprint each ear the tool is used to imprint the NGA's "Application of Registration of Litter" with the same imprint as the ear. This application is very detailed in the particulars of each pups coloration, nail coloration, scars, markings and any other distinguishing features. This is just one of several steps that is taken to properly register a pup as a racing greyhound. For an excellent detailed summary of the registration process go to On The Farm and check out the links on tattooing and on registration.

I am happy to say that all the pups got through the ordeal with minimal fuss, and just a short while later were all sleeping tumbled together in a large pile of bodies, limbs, and blue-stained ears.

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