Dog & Greyhound Health/Medical Reference

 General Reference 

Columbia Animal Hospital Library
First Aid & Emergency Medical Care for Dogs (
Georgia Veterinary Specialists
Greyhound Health Issues (
GREYT HEALTH by Suzanne Stack DVM
Mar Vista Animal Medical Center
Merck Veterinary Manual
Mesa Veterinary Hospital - veterinary hospital veterinarians
Mountain Valley Canine Education Center
VetInfo - Veterinary Medical Information for Dogs and Cats


Dog Food Comparison Charts
Doggie Dietician

 Holistic Reference/Shopping 

Complementary, Alternative, and Holistic Veterinary Medicine (AltVetMed)
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
Azmira Holistic Animal Care
Herbs for Animals
The Holistic Dog
International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
Its For The Animals
Sloan-Kettering - About Herbs


Compassionate Veterinary Care (home visits) (773) 327-5024
Family Pet Animal Hospital (773) 935-2311
Riser Animal Hospital (847) 673-2520
Westosha Veterinary Hospital (262) 843-4271
Address list local vets (Chicago vicinity)


see Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs)


Jane Anderson's Raw Learning Site
Raw Dog Ranch

 Behavior & Training 

Cat Training your Dog (Mielikki's Hunt Borzoi)
Dog Bite Prevention (Doggone Safe!)
Dog Bite Prevention for Kids (Puppies 'N Dogs)
Dumb Friends League
Nothing In Life Is Free (Greyhound-L)
Canine Separation Anxiety Article Index (
Separation Anxiety (
Separation Anxiety (Dumb Friends League)
Positive Solutions for Dog Training
Introducing Your Dog to Your New Baby (American Rottweiler Club)
Preparing a Dog for a New Baby (King County Animal Control)


Canine Bloat Information Resource


Animal Cancer Foundation
Cancer in the Canine
Signs of Cancer in Dogs
Cancer Research (The Greyhound Project)
Hemangiosarcoma (Mar Vista Animal Medical Center)
Morris Animal Foundation
Perseus Foundation
Topaz' Osteosarcoma Diary
Veterinary Cancer Society
Angiogenesis Foundation
Washington Musculoskeletal Tumor Center (

 Canine Laryngeal Paralysis 

Canine Laryngeal Paralysis


Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy

 Specific Pharmaceutical 

Benefits of Rimadyl (The Senior Dogs Project)
More on Rimadyl (The Senior Dogs Project)

 Tick-Borne Diseases (TBDs)

Tick Disease discussion list (Tick-L)
Babesia Infosheet (A Breed Apart)
Canine Tick Diseases (No Where Else)
Ehrlichiosis (VetInfo)
Tepe Gawra Salukis Tick Links
Tick-borne Diseases of Importance to the Greyhound

 Vestibular Syndrome 

Vestibular Syndrome

 Wobblers Syndrome 

Spondylolithesis (
Sylly Sylvia
Gold Bead Therapy (Whole Pet Vet)


Back/Spine Links (Teal Dachshunds)
Canine Blood Groups
Carpal Subluxation and Weak Pasterns - Two Different Conditions
Chocolate Toxicity (Talk to the Vet)
Chocolate Poisoning in the Dog
Dewclaws (WorkingDogs Cyberzine)
Dogs' Eyes
Foot Pad Disease in Dogs
Genetics of Coat Color and Type in Dogs
Greyhound Bloodwork (Greyhound Adoption League of Texas)
Guide to Congenital and Heritable Disorders in Dogs
Hair -- a uniquely mammalian characteristic
Handicapped Pets
Heimlich Maneuver
How To Measure Your Dog
Macadamia nut toxicosis in dogs
Toxins (Poisons) That Affect Dogs
Exercise Physiology of the racing greyhound
Vaccination WebSite for Dogs & Cats
Amputation of Vibrissae in Show Dogs

Petshealth Care Plan
Veterinary Pet Insurance
St Francis Pet Crematory

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